“Stoked Oats are great. I love them because they give me the energy I need for training and racing, but the kids power them down too. No junk for breakfast in this house!”

- Jon Firth, Father of 2 boys, Elite Mountain Bike Racer

“It’s hard to eat gluten-free while on the road filming Boundless, but Stoked Oats has made sure that I’ve always got breakfast covered!”

- Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock, Star of Boundless on the Esquire Network

“I'm not sure who the bigger fan of Stoked Oats is - me or my 2 year old son!”

- Richelle Love, Mom, Owner Tri-it,

Calgary AB

What people say about Stoked Oats

"Great taste, extra protein and fibre. We were making our own oatmeal blends each morning adding fruit, flax, cinnamon, vegan protein and then discovered Stoked Oats blends already do this. Our favourite is Bucking-Eh."


—  D. Melvin