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Aren't oats already gluten-free?

Yes...and no. Oats, by themselves and uncontaminated by adjacent fields, crop rotation, or through the milling process are gluten free. We use Saskatchewan grown oats that are grown and milled under strict conditions to ensure that they are gluten-free. Stoked Oats is, will, and has always been a gluten free oatmeal blend safe for consumers looking to maintain a gluten-free diet. We are part of the gluten-free certification program (GFCP), the only voluntary Canadian certifcation program desiged for manufacturers of gluten-free food that are intended to be differentiated from the increasing clutter of gluten-free claims in today's marketplace by using the trusted mark of the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA). This certificaiton requires a detailed audit in order to qualify.

Do you sponsor any events?

Stoked Oats is a big fan of sponsoring community events. To date, we've sponsored hundreds of events across Canada since we started, back in 2012. We love sponsoring endurance events - both grass roots and big time, expos, and other great gatherings. Co-Founder Simon Donato is a long-time athelte himself and often can be found at these events, serving oats and maybe jumping into a race if he can sneak away. With the way the spring is looking due to Covid-19, all event sponsorship agreements are on hold, and we are not accepting event requests until we get a better understanding of how long it will take to resolve this crisis.

What are the health benefits of chia?

Chia is one of the most nutritionally dense foods available and packed with anti-aging antioxidants, iron, calcium, B-vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.

What are the health benefits of flax?

Stoked Oats is proud to use only Alberta grown flax. Flax Seeds Are High in Omega-3 Fats, and are loaded with nutrients. They also contain high-quality protein.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship across Canada and United States.

How long does a single bag last?

Each bag has 12 servings, and each serving is 1/3 of a cup - dry oats. What's great about our oats is that they are nutritionally dense, and high in soluble fibre, which keeps you full and feeling satiated much longer than a plain quick oat, or other easily digestable grain. So, for most oatmeal lovers, a bag will last for nearly two weeks. Our hungriest customers might only get one week.

Do Stoked Oats expire?

Yes, our oats have a best before dated printed on the back of each bag that is one year from the date they are packaged. We don't use any preservatives, but if stored properly, they will last a year or more (ask Simon about how many tubs of vegan oats he had to eat in the early days of Stoked Oats). For optimum freshness, store your Stoked Oats in a climate controlled room, sealed (use the zipper), and out of direct sunlight. To be honest though, if you've got a bag laying around for more than 3 or 4 months, we've got bigger probelms to deal with!

Where do your oats come from?

We use certified gluten-free, Saskatchewan grown quick and rolled oats processed by MGM Seed and Grain in Regina Canada. MGM mills their oats in a new, state-of-the-art facitility in Saskatoon. Learn more about MGM at

What is your return policy?

Stoked Oats is commmited to providing the best tasting, healthiest oatmeal on the market and if we don't meet that promise in your eyes, we want to know. We handle all refunds and customer service matters as they come, so if you aren't satisfied with our product please email or call and we will handle it right away!

Is Stoked Oats organic?

While we do use some organic ingredients, we do not currently use organic oats, nor meet the threshold of percentage of organic ingredients in a bag to call ourselves organic.

Are your oats sprayed with glyphostate (Round-Up)?

Since we first learned about glyphosate in 2014 (from a customer at a farmer's market), we have taken action to ensure that our oats are not treated with glyphosate. For those of you who have been following the news know that there are a number of purported health claims and lawsuits resulting from glyphosate use and exposure. For this, and other reasons, we've decided to only use ingredients that are NOT treated with glyphosate.

Do you have any coupons?

Yes - all visitors to our site who sign-up to our email list will receive a 15% discount coupon for their next purchase.

Does Stoked Oats use NON-GMO oats and ingredients?

The NON-GMO issue is one that concerns many consumers and we are pleased to say that we use NON-GMO oats and ingredients in all of our blends. In an age of misinformation and misleading advertising however, we feel that it is important to be clear here - oats are NOT a GMO crop, so whether you buy conventional oats, organic oats, or gluten-free oats, you WILL be buying a NON-GMO grain. We make the claim for consumer education rather than an either or marketing ploy.

I'm celiac and still have issues with some gluten-free oats. Why?

It is possible that some celiacs may have a sensitivity to another protein found in oats, called avenin. While far less reactive than gluten for those with celiac disease, there are individuals that may be affected by this protein and develop inflamation. If you notice a negative response after eating Stoked Oats, please stop consuming our product until you have consulted with a health care professional.

Do you sponsor athletes?

Yes, athlete sponsorship is an important part of Stoked Oats' philosophy of giving back and encouraging people to get outside and be their best. We are not currently accepting athlete applications for 2020, but will announce the application window in October.

Where can I buy Stoked Oats?

We are proud to say that we sell across Canada and are in most of the major grocery retailers, natural retailers, and local health food retailers. If you can't find us on the shelf, as your store manager or send us an email - we will help you out!

I'm a retailer - how can I get Stoked Oats on the shelf?

We are currently distributed in Canada Planet Foods and Purity Life. Our broker is Connect Brand Management. For more information either send us an email or give us a call. You can also follow up directly with Shannon of CBM at