You’ll never need to buy granola again after you try making our Stone Aged Cherry Crunch Granola! Seriously, this recipe is so simple and so crunchy!

• 4 cups of Stoked Oats - Stone Aged Oats
• ½ cup of maple syrup (or honey – I used maple syrup and find the crunch factor is top notch!)
• 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
• ½ tsp ground cinnamon
• ½ cup olive oil (you could use other oils – I like it with extra virgin olive oil)
• 1 tsp of fine salt – Game changer, I don’t suggest skipping this as it really impacts the taste
• 3/4 cup of dried Bing cherries (ADD AFTER GRANOLA IS BAKED). Personally I love this with cherries! You may prefer another dried fruit but I highly recommend using cherries if you like them because, the tart and sweet flavour they add vs most dried fruits really adds to this flavour combination.

Mix the dry ingredients: Stone Aged Oats, cinnamon, salt. Add in wet ingredients: olive oil, vanilla, maple syrup and mix well so all the oats are well coated. Layer a baking sheet with parchment paper. Layer the oats mixture on top. The paper will be important for creating the clusters of oats as they will stick to the paper rather than the pan. Pre heat the oven to 325F. Cook the oats for 20 minutes. Half way through pat them down with a wide spatula or wooden spoon. Once cooked let the oats cool for at least an hour. If you really want the clusters, let it cool longer. Don’t break it apart at all until it is fully cooled.

Once cooled you can start breaking it into pieces. You’ll have formed some nice big chunky ones in this process! I find I get more chunks with maple syrup than with honey. I’ve also mixed half and half before and ended up with amazing large clusters.